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CSR Activities

Share Hope. Make World Better Place
It is our belief at SsangYong that if more companies are generous and socially responsible, the world will become a better place. SsangYong is dedicated to realizing a better quality of life for everyone and strives to fulfill its role as a responsible corporate citizen.
Share Warmth. Live in Community.
We also believe that the larger and more profitable a company is, the more socially responsible it should be. As one of the best corporate citizens, SsangYong supports culture and community events, and engages in diverse programs considering the needs of communities. SsangYong will continue to provide support for local community and seek to improve their quality of life.
Share happiness. Love Our Neighbors.
We bring hope and better prospects to people who are marginalized and excluded from the benefits of the mainstream society. SsangYong organizes multiple fundraising drives to help out the needy and also provides special free-of-charge repair services for communities stricken by floods and other natural disasters. SsangYong remains committed to providing aid to those most in as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Warm neighborly love
  • The growing company with the local community
  • The spirit of enterprise citizenchip

Areas of Ssangyong s CSR Activities

Expansion of CSR activities and programs.
SsangYong continues to expand its range of CSR activities and programs to include key initiatives in environmental protection, special volunteer works for disaster-stricken communities, fundraising for the needy, improving mobility for the disabled, and a host of other volunteer activities.

One of SsangYong's key initiatives is the removal of hazardous materials and vegetation from wetland ecosystems so as to preserve their natural state. In particular, when the worst oil spills in Korea's history occurred off the coast of Taean in December 2007, SsangYong quickly dispatched volunteer employees to the site to help in the cleanup operation. Going forward, the company will continue to engage in activities for environmental sustainability.
CSR Activities

CSR Activities
Green Move
Serving in Disaster Area
Improving Mobility for Disabled People
General Activities
Community Chest Drive