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Title KG Mobility Vision Tech Day focuses on the company becoming a full mobility business
Date 2023-04-04

Ÿ  With a focus on EV-dedicated platforms, software-defined vehicles (SDV), autonomous vehicles and AI technologies, the company is fully embracing the paradigm shift impacting the automotive industry


Ÿ  Showcasing the EV Torres EVX, O100 and KR10 plus the F100 with EV-dedicated platform to be announced

Ÿ  Supporting the goal of becoming a proud and respected future mobility partner



 [April 4, 2023] KG Mobility ( has held a Vision Tech Day and announced electrification technology & its plan to launch several new products to demonstrate its move to becoming a full mobility business.


KG Mobility’s chairman Kwak Jea-sun, CEO Jeong Yong-Won, Union leader Sun Mok-Rae attended the Vision Tech Day held at KINTEX (seminar room 204) on April 4, 2023 during the Seoul Mobility Show, and held a Q&A session with the Vision Tech Forum hosted by the Technology Research Centre.


KG Mobility Union leader Sun Mok-Rae(first on the left),chairman Kwak Jea-sun (middle), CEO Jeong Yong-Won (first on the right) during the Q & A session with reporters.


KG Mobility confirmed the change of its corporate name at a shareholders' meeting on March 22 and indicated the company’s move to focusing on future mobility technologies such as electrification, SDV (Software Defined Vehicle), autonomous vehicles and Cloud-based AI systems in line with the paradigm shift now impacting the global automotive industry.


The company is currently developing three electric vehicles: the O100 and KR10 which have an electric vehicle platform based on the Torres EVX originally developed with an internal combustion engine (ICE) unveiled at the Seoul Mobility Show, as well as the F100 which features a dedicated EV platform and scheduled for future release.  


The O100, under development after completing the modeling, is an electric pick-up model based on the Torres EVX. The F100 is a premium large size SUV inheriting the heritage of Rexton, while the KR10 is a semi-midsize SUV that will feature the iconic look of an off-road SUV; it will be introduced both as an electric vehicle and with gasoline power.


KG Mobility plans to set-up a dedicated organisation and build strategic partnerships with cloud and IT companies to develop high-speed internal communication for vehicles, and the application of integrated operating systems (OS) for Over The Air (OTA) wireless communications between vehicles, and it also plans to launch an SDV-based electric vehicle after developing an integrated software platform, application, and cloud system by starting with the development of high-performance controllers.


A software-defined vehicle (SDV) which integrates OTA connectivity and self-driving functions, can have its functions upgraded wirelessly and provided various entertainment fnctions as well as the possibility of instructing a vehicle to move to where the customer wants it.


In addition, KG Mobility plans to develop an open integrated OS-based SDK (Software Development Kit) and release it free of charge in order to quickly apply various functions and apps. Through this open SDK, the company plans to create an app ecosystem where software developers and the general public can freely and quickly develop, sell, and share dedicated apps.


KG Mobility held an autonomous vehicle demonstration event in 2015 by starting research and development related to autonomous driving after signing a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the Korea Automobile Research Institute (then the Automobile Parts Research Institute) in 2014. In 2017, the company also successfully completed a demonstration of autonomous driving technology for an intelligent transportation system, hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


In addition, KG Mobility plans to promote level 3 autonomous driving on highways through the application of OTA and major mobility technologies, and advance autonomous driving technology such as level 4+for automatic parking and charging for electric vehicles by 2030 by developing level 4 robotaxi pilot services.


A spokesperson for KG Mobility commented, “We will be able to measure our future visions by the reaction to the O100, F100 and KR10 design concepts shown at the Seoul Mobility Show alongside our new EV platform which showcases the full suite of future electrification technologies.


“In line with the paradigm shift affecting the global vehicle industry, we will focus on those new mobility technologies such as development of electrification model, SDV (Software-defines vehicles), autonomous vehicles and cloud-based AI, and grow and develop into a proud and respected company as a future mobility partner.” <Ends>







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