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Ssanyong Motors Company(SYMC) has always strived to become Eco-friendly: The company has been working on developing a more eco-friendlier products by limiting the use of hazardous heavy metals and conducting researches on maximizing the recycle rate of its vehicles’ components to minimize possible environment degradation during the vehicle development stage to its dismantlement .

And as a result, SYMC’s efforts finally paid off. SYMC’s vehicles, which are made based on its Product Development Procedures /Rules, satisfy the EU ELV directive and are being constantly renewed routinely to keep in pace with the directive through the company’s continuous maintenance/management.

Vehicle Recycling

SYMC’s Vehicles also comply with the EU End of Life Vehicle Directive(2000/53/EC) in order to minimize the environmental impact generated from the stage of vehicle development to its dismantlement. SYMC aims at using the optimized materials in the development stage to increase the rate of recycling the vehicle components. It also designs its vehicles easy to dismantle so that some components can be easily recovered. As a result, starting from 2015, SYMC has been producing vehicles achieving 95% vehicle recycling rate(including recovery) by weight in all its components.

Restricting the Four Heavy Metals

Major global automakers have jointly developed the International Material Data System(IMDS) in order to minimize environmental degradation from heavy metals. SYMC also joined the system in 2007 and has been managing and monitoring its components’ material, weight and information since then. In 2015, the company came up with its own system, Ssangyong Recycle & Material Management System(SRMS), and has linked it with the IMDS to systematically manage and monitor the four heavy metals(lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium) in all of its vehicles’ components and materials.

Providing Vehicle Dismantling Information

For a more eco-friendlier dismantlement of vehicles, SYMC joined the International Dismantling Information System(IDIS) in 2001 and has been providing dismantling information of all its manufactured vehicles onwards.