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Ergonomics research

  • Advance development
    Advence development part for the new vehicle
    Ergonomics related Tasks
    Developing new vehicle concept
    Developing Styling
  • BOST (blue ocean strategy team)
    Exhibition Evaluation Group
    Styling criticism
    Usability /Emotion criticism
  • TGR, TGW-I
    Conduct client's mode evaluation
    Conduct for 4-Major Factors
    Physical factors
    Biological factors
    Psychological factors
    Work factors
  • Emotional TFT
    Expert evaluation Group
    Organization with Video/Audio/Human Group

Ssangyong identifies the factors of ergonomic design that continue to be a major market trend and incorporates them into its products. It continues to enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of its products through its own ergonomics research.

Ssangyong's efforts in ergonomic design were recognized when it won a gold medal at the first Ergonomics Design Awards in 1998 for the seat design of its sedan, Chairman. The company then became the first manufacturer of finished automobiles to win the gold medal at the 2009 Ergonomics Design Awards for its flagship sedan, Chairman W.

The Ergonomic Design Awards reward and encourage the development of products that successfully and scientifically satisfy the complex needs and demands of consumers. Products can only receive an award if they receive high grades across seven categories of ergonomic design, including usability, functionality, capability to satisfy emotional needs, and safety.

Ssangyong's award winning Chairman W enjoys increasing popularity in the Korean market thanks to its aesthetic appeal and cutting-edge technological features, including the driver information system, the hatic controller system, the 7.1 channel Haman-Kardon entertainment system, active cruise control, and 10 airbags more than in any other luxury sedans produced in Korea.
future of the human beings are those technology sprits that SsangYong Motor pursues.