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Electric verhicle


Ssangyong has shown up at the 2012 Paris Motor show with a Range-extended Electric Vehicle. Called the e-XiV, this vehicle pair a gasoline engine generator with a 80kw electric motor and a 14kW Lithium-ion battery to give the vehicle a theoretical total range of around 400km. The e-XiV is capable of covering 60km in pure electric mode for daily use. Down-sized powerful lithium battery will make this project more competitive to the global market. The e-XiV needs 150 minutes for fully charged battery in domestic, and just 15 minutes in case of DC fast charge condition for sustainable drive. This approach is the new challenge and the vision of us.
We will give our best effort to place at the forefront of eco-friendly vehicle design and manufacture. This will be achieved through the constant improvement of our high-efficient diesel engine and the development of electrified vehicle.

Green Driving for the nature and better future.
Ssangyong will be always with you.