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Management Philosophy

Strategy for Design Management

The ultimate goal of Ssangyong's distinct design philosophy and management policy is to establish a unique design identity that is easily recognized on the international market.

"Robustness," "specialty," and "premium" are the chief characteristics of Ssangyong's products. The company strives to achieve refined and original designs that genuinely impress customers, combine the latest in technology and aesthetics, and usher in the future of automobiles.

KGM design and development process is focused on expressing a consistent message and identity. Our designers continue to apply state-of-the-art designs, features and systems to KGM products to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the auto industry.

Strategy for Design Management

Raising manpower
Create High End Product KGM Design Identity
Flexibility Expert Group
Maximizing Personal Creative
Systematic combination
development System
Speed Design System
CAS/VR System
Bench Marking
Information Network
Raising manpower
Overseas training Program
Advanced enterprise Co-Work
Visiting Global Motor shows
Job traning by step

Design Policy

KGM design policy aims to maintain product quality that is on a par with the reputation and value of the company's brand as a premium automaker. Its design policy forms the foundation for the company's products, actions, and identity.

As design plays a pivotal role in determining the short- and long-term success of KGM products, KGM submits its design works and products to stringent evaluation.

Ssangyong Products
Korean automotive company
Young enterprise
Producing individual products (SUV, RV, Luxury Car)
Small production for Specific customers
Producing High End Products
Ssangyong Ssangyong Brand
Aim for High Technology
Pursue individual Design
High-Quality Production System
Ssangyong Design Police
Pursue individual Design and product development
Set the trend
Pursue Globalization of Korea culture